The Company

Welcome to wbr!

wbr Rohr- und Bauelemente GmbH is the most technologically advanced supplier of  pipes for construction use, as well as for industrial solutions, heating technology and filter manufacturing. Durable and impressive material and product quality, the best development and manufacturing skills and an individual, solution-oriented service are the hallmarks of our business. Flexible production methods allow us to produce economical solutions in almost any batch size.

Our strengths

To be always one step ahead
Our experience and our competence are proved every day in sophisticated structures. The high quality and dependability of our engineering are highly esteemed all over the world. For this purpose, we continuously work on ideas, products and accessories for additional applications – for your benefit. Four our services, from the development to manufacturing and finally to logistics provide planning reliability and economical work to you. Every day.

For good reasons, wbr Rohr- und Bauelemente GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality construction pipes for modern construction engineering. Developed from the long-standing tradition of pipe construction in the Pforzheim-based Witzenmann GmbH, we have the experience from many years, and high manufacturing competence. All this will guarantee maximum product quality to you..

Quality Leader

Unique by Tradition
The glorious heritage and the long lasting tradition, for which wbr Rohr- und Bauelemente GmbH is standing, means for us both, demand and obligation for the future. As a leader in quality and technology in the field of metallic construction pipes we have been partners of the international construction industry for decades.

Our new modular system technology for fire safe passages is an example for our comprehensive engineering competence. Our technical solutions combine expert knowledge of engineers and practical persons with experience over decades from the large building sites in our world.

wbr are offering a modular solution for the installation of modern building technology systems. With this EC patented processes fire protection systems, high speed data networks or complete sanitary piping can be realized at site in a quick and adequate way. Already during the planning phase a coordinated track planning for the planned piping and the required recesses is conducted.

We are supporting our customers with our far reaching competence and the experience made with numerous building projects all over the World.

Regularly product and process audits conducted by independent internationally recognized and certified audit institutions ensure the conformity of our products with international required standards. Thus we take care that customers will receive exactly what the make HYDRA® represents for more than a century worldwide: That is highest quality standards and absolute reliability, which can be experienced by our customers during their project processes.

Product development

Optimum development work
Together with our partners we are continuously working to be in a position for offering our international customers also in the future modern, future oriented solutions. The quality and variety of our piping systems and formwork elements will certainly excite you. Get to know the possibilities of the HYDRA® system solutions from wbr. With wbr your projects will be successful. We will support you for realizing your ideas, worldwide. With intelligent engineering and custom made products of highest possible quality can be acieved. Just try our competence.

  • Economical manufacturing through most modern machinery
  • High-quality welding processes