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Trade fairs are the crystallization point for all market activity in a particular sector. Manufacturers present their product innovations and see how they measure up against the current state of the market, while customers and users look for solutions for their specific requirements. We see trade fair appearances as a platform for our products and as a window for our comprehensive service and excellent manufacturing skills. Through constant exchange at conferences, trade fairs and conventions, we are able to confirm our leading technological position in the long term and present consistently leading products to our customers.



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There is a lot going on at wbr !

Longitudinally welded pipes for industry



In order to meet the required delivery times for the ducts in
the future but also to tap into new markets, will soon be a
new Pipe welding machine, installed with laser welding
source at wbr.

Pipe lengths of up to 10 meters are possible on the system,
as a corrugated tube, as well as plain or perforated pipe.
The diameter range is between 80 and 150 mm.



animal sanctuary & Baby Ambulance "Felix"

Donation 2018 Animal sanctuary & Baby Ambulance "Felix"

As in the last two years, we will give up Christmas giftsto support
social institutions in Pforzheim and our District. This year we
decided to divide our donation to support twoorganizations.

The first part of the donation goes to the association
Animal Hope e.V., which run the animal sanctuary Illingen and
work actively in animal welfare and animal rescue.
More information at: www.gnadenhof-illingen.de

The second part of the donation will support the very important
project "Baby Ambulance" Felix "" of the Björn Steiger Foundation.
"Felix" is mostly used for relocation drives between birth and
specialty clinics. Because it is not always possible that premature
babies and sick infants receive medical treatment where they
were born.


A new crane for our warehouse!

With the expansion of our manufacturing capacity,
it is necessary to adapt our warehouse handling
accordingly,therefore a second overhead crane
was installed.

This second crane allows parallel work and should
thereby rhe resulting waiting times at the machinery
warehouses on a reduce minimum.

New Roll Seam Welding Machine

Low-cost production for single production and small series. The possible diametres range from 20 to 300 mm. Lengths are up to 1,00 m are possible. Different kinds of material processable.

The next step of expansion will make lengths up to 1,50 m possible