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Trade fairs are the crystallization point for all market activity in a particular sector. Manufacturers present their product innovations and see how they measure up against the current state of the market, while customers and users look for solutions for their specific requirements. We see trade fair appearances as a platform for our products and as a window for our comprehensive service and excellent manufacturing skills. Through constant exchange at conferences, trade fairs and conventions, we are able to confirm our leading technological position in the long term and present consistently leading products to our customers.



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Donation 2023

This year we will once again support two organizations from our district. 

The first part of the donation will go to Mühlacher Tafel e.V.
Over 970 food banks in Germany, one mission: save food and help
people affected by poverty. The food banks save food that can no
longer be sold and pass it on to people in poverty.

Due to the constantly growing number of people in need of help
- more important than ever.

The second part of the donation will support the important project
"Baby Ambulance" Felix "" of the Björn Steiger Foundation.
Because it is not always possible that premature babies and sick
infants receive medical treatment where they were born. 

Special application stainless steel tubes

In addition to the core products, wbr GmbH has for some Years
further developed and can also include components for the
ventilation, as well as special pipes for filter construction,
Material including stainless steel. Through this extended
Manufacturing competence wbr GmbH was able to prove itself
in one large project with an extensive stainless steel tube
production bring in wbr GmbH has around 1,900 stainless steel
pipes here Diameter range 450 mm manufactured.

The tubes serve as Culverts in a ceiling to extract air, but also
to flexible with changing manufacturing processes and systems
in the arrangement and supply of the machines and systems to
be. The individual pipes were made by wbr GmbH installation kits
installed. A large part became so-called Packs of 9 welded.
Due to the pressure of the concrete The pipes had to be
appropriately stiffened and concreted closed with base and lid.

These packages were then set up and fixed accordingly on the
formwork and integrated into the reinforcement. When the
project was finished, around 200 installation kits were made
assembled; an outstanding one for the wbr, but also challenging


Emergency pastoral care 2022

The company wbr Rohr- und Bauelemente GmbH in Dürrn
is supporting every year at Christmas a social institution
or honorary institution in the Enzkreis or Pforzheim. 

This year the emergency pastoral care in Enzkreis and
Pforzheim supports. For a quarter of a century, the
Emergency pastoral care “First aid for the soul”. An important
Part of pastoral care also applies to post-deployment care
where that is specially trained aftercare team for the needs
of the Emergency responders has an open ear and helps
that serious Operational situations can be processed.

For the volunteers, further training and supervision can
take place and equipment can be bought through the donations.

On 08.12. handed over on behalf of wbr pipe and construction
elements GmbH Mrs. Vera Beck and Mrs. Amelie Keller the
symbolic Check for 3,000 euros to Ms. Regina Wacker dated
management team.

Find further informations on: www.nfs-enzpf.de

A lot is happening at wbr!

Set a good example ecologically!

Since 2013 we have been using a large part of our
roof areas for our PV system by a large part of our
electricity to produce sustainably.

The generated energy of the roof can be optimal
uses for our Production machinery, air conditioning,
lighting and computers of the company.
Now is a new possibility to use the self-generated
electricity added: our company charging station.


Examination of the MPA Stuttgart

Bond strength of corrugated tubes

wbr Rohr- und Bauelemente GmbH is the technological leading
supplier of profiled tubes for use in the classic pre-stressing
technique with subsequent bonding, in bridge construction, in
anchoring technology in Prefabricated part, as well as on the
construction site.

In addition to the advantage of economical production of the
cavity pipe and the sheaths for prestressed concrete,
installation tolerances can be better compensated for afterwards.

The tubes from wbr have always had the advantage that through
a relatively strong profile a force-locked connection can be
produced so corresponding tensile forces canbe absorbed.
So far, the tensile forces have been determined theoretically
using the shear surface and the shear stress.
In order to be able to support this theory, the material testing
institute from the University of Stuttgart carried out some
experiments for us.   In these representative tests with the round
tubes DN 60 + 100 mm, it has been shown that the achieved values
(until the failure of the connection between tube and concrete)
are significantly higher thanpreviously calculated.

So the average rated value of the bond stress is
between 4 and 6 N / mm².