Cavity Pipes

Dependable and economical
Whenever cavities in concrete are to be provided, either as ducts for supply pipes or conveying belts, for the anchoring of machines, for transport or anchor bolts in finished parts, etc., or for foundation sheathings, Hydra cavity pipes allow for an economical and technically appropriate solution.

Custom-made for every demand
The pipes are manufactured from steel strips with corrugated profile in Bright steel, optionally galvanized steel Special materials upon request.

Your advantages:

  • low manufacturing costs
  • favourable availability
  • availability within short periods
  • low weight
  • easy handling
  • high mechanical resistance
  • inside and outside profile
  • high shearing strength
  • individually manufacturable in every transportable length
  • compliance with the individual requirements of the application or the construction site



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Application in Anchoring Engineering

  • in machine base plates
  • for crane rails
  • for high by warehouses

Application as mast foundation

  • for power supply in contact line construction
  • for light masts
  • for antenna masts

Application as recess pipes

  • for stretching cables
  • for pipe ducts
  • as grouting hole
  • as cavity in dormers, walls, base and ceiling plates

Special Applications

  • as duct for  tie rods for  subsequent press-fitting / grouting in finished parts
  • in tie beams as recess pipes for  threaded fasteners
  • in the  forming of contraction joints