Pipes for Special Applications

Individual manufacturing options
In addition to the  already described specific applications, Hydra construction pipes can be provided for  further applications. it  is the decisive advantage of these pipes that they are  available either with  a “straight wall” or with  stiffening corrugations, depending on the  individual requirements. Additionally, appropriate special materials can be applied, from bright steel to stainless steel.

From water-conducting pipes to bored pile foundation
In addition to the already described specific applications, HYDRA-construction Tubes can be provided for further applications. It is the decisive advantage of these tubes that they are available either with a straight wall or with stiffening corrugations, depending on the individual requirements.. Additionally, appropriate special materials can be applied, from birght steel to stainless steel.

A comprehensive range of accessories guarantees optimum utilizability.

Your Advantage:

  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Low weight
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Inside and outside profile
  • Individually manufacturable in every transportable length

Application as mast foundation

Application as bored pile foundation
Due to unfavorable foundation soil conditions, the use of so-called bored piles as a foundation for different types of buildings can be required, or it may become necessary to transfer the load to deeper soil layers with higher load-bearing capacity via the bored piles. Depending on the conditions and on the load-bearing properties, the load can be transferred via the pile tips or via jacket friction. Depending on the soil conditions, the installation of an additional sheeting supporting can be required to avoid undesired intrusion of concrete into the soil, but also for the stabilization of the bore hole and to provide the possibility of extracting the bore pipes before the placing of concrete. If piles should be placed with which no jacket friction is desired, a sheeting pipe version with a relatively smooth wall can be used. If the forces are to be transferred to the soil via jacket friction, the profiled displacement pipe is available as a potential sheeting option.

Application as isolated Shuttering

Application as water-conducting pipe

In general, individual pipes are  connected by means of plug-in fittings. Two fitting variants are  available. One of them is the  “simple plug-in fitting”, which requires sealing of the  junction. Sealing is carried out by means of a special sealing tape (heat shrinkage tape).The  other variant is the  so-called inside/outside connector which, in general, does not require additional sealing. Specific applications or great stress, however, also may require sealing measures (shrinking tape for  hot processing, in rolls of 25.00 m, widths 50 mm and 100 mm.