Shuttering Systems

Short installation periods
The speed of the modern world has also reached the construction industry in the meantime. Soon means very often now, faster means immediately. Response is wanted in real time. That means shorter project times in the construction industry, without compromises in terms of costs or quality. This is because quality and reliability are synonyms for the safety of the users.

Economical and easy application
We support the projects of our customers with custom made formwork systems made of profiled elements, individually prepared for the respective construction characteristics. Ready to install Hydra foundation formwork can be installed in a very short period of time – without extensive machine equipment or special tools and with the lowest possible number of skilled people.

Your Advantage:

  • Short installation periods
  • Special tools are  not required
  • No obstacles during the  installation of the  reinforcement





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Normal Version

Permanent sheathings are  necessary for  economical construction and fast construction progress. For  these reasons, they are  installed in reinforcement layers and as casings in ceilings and sheathings. By way of contrast to conventional sheathings, these perforated profiled sheet metal elements can remain in the  concrete which makes removal of the  sheathings unnecessary and allows for  economical application on the construction site.

left: For simple lateral formwork for wall, ceiling, floor

MaterialProfiled perforated sheet metal s = 0,5 / 0,75 mmLength preferably up to 2.40 mWidth / Height – from 0.15 m to 1.00 m The  permanent sheathing is also available with  mounted U-brackets for  connection of reinforcement, depending on the  specific requirements. The  permanent sheathing is to be fixed in place by the  constructor, in compliance with  the  specific conditions.

left: Supplied in boards

Sheetings with interlocking groove

Low-Weight Version

In addition to the technical properties of a good joint between two concrete-placing sections, a good price-performance ration is characteristic for this low-weight version. It is used, e.g., in the ceiling area, in heights from 120 mm to 300 mm.

Perforated material "rolled" t = 1.00 mm
Length preferably up to 2.00 m
Width/height from 0.10 m to 0.30 m
Galvanized steel

All figures shown are available either in profiled perforated metal sheet or in uncorrugated perforated metal sheet. Standard length in uncorrugated version (preferably up to 2.00m), height (h) according to your specifications.

Reinforced Version

The sheeting elements made of profiled perforated metal sheet allow for a very good bond as well as compression in the groove area. Installation on the construction site is done very easily by wire-tying to the reinforcement. The upturn beam height and width are specified according to your requirements. The appropriate material thickness and reinforcement brackets provide high stability.

left: Sheeting with reinforcement brackets

Profiled perforated metal sheet t = 0.5 / 0.75 mm
Length according to your specifications
Width/height from 0.30 m to 1.00 m
Reinforcement bracket thickness 1.5 to 12 mm, depending on overall height

left: Sheetings in base plates, different versions

Supplied with mounted reinforcement brackets