Shuttering Systems

Short installation periods
The speed of the modern world has also reached the construction industry in the meantime. Soon means very often now, faster means immediately. Response is wanted in real time. That means shorter project times in the construction industry, without compromises in terms of costs or quality. This is because quality and reliability are synonyms for the safety of the users.

Economical and easy application
We support the projects of our customers with custom made formwork systems made of profiled elements, individually prepared for the respective construction characteristics. Ready to install Hydra foundation formwork can be installed in a very short period of time – without extensive machine equipment or special tools and with the lowest possible number of skilled people.

Your Advantage:

  • Short installation periods
  • Special tools are  not required
  • No obstacles during the  installation of the  reinforcement





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Application as strip foundation

For  specific construction conditions or requirements, we provide a sheathing system of profiled U-cases, which allow for  installation within extremely short periods, and which are  an economical alternative to “conventional lateral sheathings” of sheet steel.

  • Short installation periods
  • Special tools are  not required

Your Advantage

  • During the  replacement of the  sheathing or during the  filling up with  soil, the  soil can be compressed on the  total surface, i.e. also in the  marginal zones, with  strong and heavy machines.
  • After the  excavation of the  foundation recesses, the  sheathing is installed and keeps the  soil in the recesses from sliding into the  foundation. The  foundation thus remains clean.

Profiled perforated sheet metal s = 0.75 mm
Prebent U-shape L = 960 mm
Alternatively of unperforated sheet metal

U-cases of perforated sheet metal, alternatively of unperforated sheet metal

Application as slotted sheathing

This sheathing system also is available in perforated sheet metal for so-called trough sheathing or slotted sheathing.

The roughness of the sheathing system, which is due to the  profile or the additional perforation, allows for a force-locking connection between the components.

Your Advantage
• Elements pre-bent to the  desired length and ready for installation
• No tools required for  installation
• High mechanical resistance
• Good connecting effect

Profiled perforated sheet metal s = 0.75 mm
Pre-bent U-case L = 960 mm