Tubular Formwork

The flexibility and variety of the products from the wbr GmbH becomes clear also with the tubular formwork. The customer can basically select from four different types, which all will individually meet the required features.

Besides the classical corrugated profile made of metal sheets, which is used as foundation quiver or for other recesses, this profile type is also used as perforated sheet metal for machine anchoring for adapting the fixtures. Thus an additional joint will be created by the perforated structure of the material besides the force-closed connection due to the corrugated profile, creating a homogenous connection between external and internal concrete. Thus a potential gap development can be avoided.

An economic solution
If strength and profile depth are wanted, then types with trapezoid profile should be used. For larger recess dimensions there is moreover the possibility to deliver trapezoid quivers as so called folding quivers to the construction site. This is one of the most economic solutions when it comes to space savings and to freight costs savings

Your Advantage:

  • Sheathing for  statically perfect foundations
  • Removal of sheathings not required
  • Uniform sheathing system
  • constant quality
  • Reduction of the  sheathing costs
  • reliable availability of the  sheeting cases within short periods
  • Better transparency of costs, lower working effort
  • Exact compliance with
    the  specified sheathing dimensions
  • flexible time planning, increase in rationalization

The  installation into the  foundation is carried out by pressing the  sheeting case in the  unhardened concrete. After the  fixing of the  case in its final position and the hardening of the concrete, the  case is connected firmly with  the  concrete (at least one corrugation must be pressed inside the  unhardened concrete). The foundation can then be filled up.

If the foundation is to be produced in one process without a “foundation plate”, a bottom is required. The cases in practice are frequently fixed by supports.

The  tight interlocking of the strut and sheeting case is important for  the  function of the  block foundation. Careful grouting of the groove is indispensable.

Sheeting case pressed into the  concrete

Sheeting case fixed with  tie rod,

e.g. bracing wire size 6 and wedge lock (tension lock)

Installed sheeting case with  bottom, with  tension bars against soil