Void Forming Tubes

Economical and easy application
Displacement pipes allow for  the  safe, quick and economical construction of hollow bodies in hollow plate bridges and ceilings. The  dimensional accuracy, tightness and high resistance to deformation of these industrial cavity elements guarantee the  implementation of the  calculated static values in the  structure.

Easy and flexible
Despite their low weight, the  displacement pipes can be installed in the  concrete without stiffening. Additionally, the  corrugated profile provides a certain flexibility, which allows for  the  laying of displacement pipes also in a bent course. Despite these characteristics, the  resistance of the  pipe to longitudinal deformation is so high that the  distances between the  lift prevention locks can principally be adapted to the  stability of the  applied supports.If the  displacement pipes are to be secured against lift, it is recommendable to apply the  specifically developed Hydra single and double anchoring elements. They are tested for their static properties and guarantee utmost avoidance of showings, above all of rust stains at the bottom of the ceiling.

The  different assembling and disassembling methods of the  supports allow for  compliance with  the  individual requirements in the  individual structures. it  is possible to install and to remove the  lift prevention locks exclusively from above, if this should be very difficult or impossible from below, due to the  specific conditions.

Your Advantage:

  • greatest available dia. 1,500
  • Delivered in every transportable length
  • Additional shearing connection with the concrete by means of their corrugated profile
  • The implemented reduction of the Tube end avoid undesired notch tensions

Pipe Type 7631.01

Hydra Void forming Tubes allow for the safe, quick and economical construction of hollow bodies in hollow plate bridges and ceilings.


Bright steel
galvanized steel

As single Tube max.  length 6,00 m
Overlength on demand
length tolerance ± 50 mm

Building Shell Pipes

Efficient, cost-saving and resource-preserving building:
The use of building shell pipes will help you save weight and material, also through low ceiling thicknesses. The load-bearing capacity will nevertheless be preserved, higher span widths are possible. Ideal for application in the construction of modern, slender buildings.

Your Advantage
- weight reducing
- saving of material
- bearing capacity
- conservation of resources

Surface bright – cold-rolled strip ST 2 EN 10139
thickness tolerance EN 10140
Surface galvanized –  cold-rolled ST 02 Z

As  individual Tube in maximun delvery lenghts of 6,00 m. Greater lengths upon request. Permissible length tolerance +/- 50 mm